ITF Headquarters, Jos, Administrative Building.


The following are the functions of the Department:
  • Conduct Skill gaps and Impact Studies in all Sectors of the Economy.
  • Evaluate Impact of ITF Training Programmes and Services.
  • Maintain Databank on ITF activities.
  • Organise and coordinate HRD Seminar and Biennial National Training Conference.
  • Manage Fund’s Library Services.
  • Identify types and diversity of training required by clients in liaison with relevant stakeholders .
  • Design and develop learning elements and training packages to meet identified needs.
  • Review and update Fund’s existing Training Programmes.
  • Evaluate and validate Fund’s Training Programmes.
  • Conduct Training Needs Assessment; and
  • Prepare periodic report on activities of the Department.
  • Perform any other function that may be assigned by the Director-General. The Department has Two Divisions
  • Research And Development Division
  • Curriculum Development Division

    Impact & Skill Gap Studies Section

  • Conduct studies to identify Skill Gaps and Training Needs Assessment in various sectors of the economy in liaison with various arms of the Fund.
  • Provide guidelines for preparing Research Proposal.
  • Develop Research instruments.
  • Identify researchable topics and prepare Research proposals.
  • Collaborate with other bodies/agencies to conduct research in critical sectors of the economy.
  • Receive and analyse reports on Research Activities from area Offices.
  • Prepare periodic and Annual Reports of the activities of the Division.
  • HRD, Databank & Publications Section

  • Coordinate and organize Biennial National Training Conference.
  • Provide guide lines for the development and presentation of HRD Seminar paper.
  • Organize and manage paper presentation in HRD seminars.
  • Compile and build Data Bank of ITF activities.
  • Publish and disseminate reports on completed Research Studies and HRD paper.
  • Encourage generation of ideas through paper presentation by Fund’s staff and interested stakeholders.
  • Prepare periodic and Annual Reports of the activities of the Division.
  • Library Section

  • Provide information for the acquisition of books, journals, periodicals and other publications relevant to ITF needs.
  • Arrange for the acquisition of books ,journals, periodicals and other publications.
  • Liaise with other libraries, both local and international for purpose of maintaining inter-library relationship in the area of resource sharing.
  • Arrange for professional membership renewal such as National Library Association (NLA), Book Aid International etc.
  • Put in place a storage and retrieval system for the purpose administrative needs.
  • Coordinate the professional activities of Area Offices and Training Centre Libraries.

    Curriculum & Learning Elements Development Section

  • Liaise with various arms of the Fund and other organizations to identify types and diversity of courses required.
  • Collate data on Needs Assessment and diagnostic studies in various sectors of the economy for effective development and review of Training Packages.
  • Design Curriculum and develop Learning Elements to meet clients’ needs.
  • Review and update the Fund’s Existing Training Programmes.
  • Evaluate and validate all newly developed Training Programmes.
  • Prepare periodic and Annual Reports of the activities of the Division.
  • Evaluation and Validation Section

  • Test-run all newly developed Training programmes .
  • Design instruments for evaluating and validating newly developed training programmes.
  • Evaluate and validate new Training Programmes.
  • Prepare periodic and Annual Reports of the activities of the Division.
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    Featured testimonial

     Top of the Day to you! We observed today that a new website for the ITF has recently been uploaded.We Commend the efforts of the ICT Dept for this amd hope that it can only keep getting better. 

    Kunle Sadare

    Puzzles Technologist Limited

     Your website is informative and attractive now. Kudos to the ICT Department. 

    Abdul Qadir Lawal.

    MD Triune Built-Tech Solutions

     The Package were well prepared,the Facilitators performed Excellently and i recommend that the training should be regular and more often for new Innovation. 

    Elizabeth O. Egu

    PCS Corporate Planning Department

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